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Caer Carnivore

Photo by S.Norman

The people of Caer Carnivore

Wolf           Ermine         Coug'r            Coyote

The house of Caer Carnivore is a 110-year old, 3-story Victorian located in the wilds of New Jersey. It contains 4 humans, 7 operational computers, 8 cats and 10 ferrets. The humans Jeremy ``Wolf" Kidd, Ken ``Coug'r" Sample, and Lisa ``Ermine" Jennings (me) are all artists, and Anastasia ``Coyote" Kidd is a writer, Den Mom and official Cookie Lady.


My Resume is current as of 12/98 and is provided as a courtesy and to keep it somewhere besides my hard drive.

Rather than the usual biography, and as a means to preserve some photos before they're too damaged, I've got a ``Picto-Biography" of my life.

Considering my normally busy life and how many people are asking me if I'll be at a convention or not, I've decided to have my own `sightings' page just to keep everyone informed....

No, it's not Gay Pride. It's Khromat Pride!

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