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I am an artist, and it would be remiss if I didn't have a page of my art floating on my own website. Along with my illustrations, though, I'm also a writer and costumer and a lot of other things... so, instead of this being the usual `click here for art' kind of area, I've divided it into smaller sections corresponding to tastes and media.

Look! A web banner for my very own! Go ahead and use this banner to link to my pages... I won't mind a bit!

Micole's Khromat Kontinuum
 General Art
 Adult Art

The Archive is a collection of random old stuff, mostly not previously available on the net, and miscellaneous imagery.

General Art is just that... acceptable for all audiences.

Adult Art is stuff that I consider for Mature Audiences... if you don't think you're mature, don't bother looking here.

Stories is a NEW single area that contains stories by me and by others about Khromats, Other Suns, and the F'Staa Universe....

In Process, please be patient.
Images of all kinds...

DISCLAIMER: These images are being made available by my good graces. If you would like  them to stay accessable, please do not upload them to other sites, to the newsgroups or use them in any way without my permission. If you wish to share with others, please just add a link to my page. . Thank you!

No, it's not Gay Pride. It's Khromat Pride!

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