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I'm notoriously busy... in fact, the usual greeting to ``Hi, how are you?" is ``Busy, as usual".  Recently, after a spate of posts in email, newsgroups, and on mucks asking if I was going to attend a conventions on the other side of the continent from me, I decided to start this page... Here's how you can find me, and where I might appear at.

Micole on the Muck


FurryMuck Webpages
Furtoonia Webpage
Tapestries Webpage

Usually, I can be found on a few MU* systems in the Eastern US evening hours specifically. FurryMUCK, Furtoonia, or Tapestries.  In spite of any rumors or bad press, the Social Mu* system is still the best way to chat with my far-flung friends from around the world at significantly cheaper rates than a phonecall. Besides, roleplaying is a lot of fun, and more people learn about Micole and her race this way!

I have been known  to post messages on USENET newgroups, noteably alt.fan.furry, alt.fan.furry.bleachers, and alt.lifestyle.furry. On occassion I can be found on alt.culture.anthropomorphics and alt.callahans. Recently, I even started my `own' newsgroup on DejaNews, called dejanews.members.rec.khromat.furry. Whew!

Finally, there's always email...

Click Me for Email!
Micole being bus-ermine at hotel.


Keep your eyes peeled for updates to this, as information on conventions changes all the time!

Betsy Coon from AC99
Conifur Northwest
Further Confusion
ConFURence 10

Not only will I attend Anthrocon 99, July 4th weekend 1999, but I'm on the staff! Support an East Coast furry con by clicking the image!

UPDATE: It looks like I might be sponsored to attend this con! Whee!

 UPDATE! I've got friends who tell me they want  me to show up again. Are you a friend? Sponsor Me!

An interesting con to say the least... At this time I do not know if I'll be attending ConFURence 11, it will depend on the date and location.

I hear a rumor that this might happen in 2000... if anyone knows any details, let me know?.

No, it's not Gay Pride. It's Khromat Pride!

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