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by Lisa Jennings. Dz'Isu are a creation of Brian Harp.

With a rumble of disgust, Koketsu closed the tome she was studying. Swiveling her delicate ears, the Dz.Isu looked about the library with a look of exasperation borne of long hours of study. The little draconid noticed that she was alone, still surrounded by the circle of awe the other acolytes held as a shield around her. The white hide of her body glowing like a warding spell in the dark wood tones of the temple's library.

Koketsu fluidly rose from her place, her small stature unnoticeable among the rows of manuscripts and tomes if not for her rare color. She gently set the book back in its accustomed place, not letting her frustration be taken out on an innocent container of knowledge. The white Dz'isu padded to the entrance, noting with her peripheral vision the eyes that raised, glazed, then lowered as she passed. She reached the great doorway leading out to the library's courtyard and heaved a great sigh, taking in the fresh air as a tonic. With a snap of her wing-hands, she launched herself up and reveled in the temporary freedom that flying provided her.

Taking a long scenic tour of the temple grounds before relinquishing to her duties, Koketsu lofted down to land at the sleeping compound. She walked past the meditation cells and sleeping pits of the common area, her strong legs and three-toed talons gliding her along silently with only the sighing of her tailspade slicing the air noting her passage. At the entrance to her private meditation chambers, Nindo stood as always, the bronze draconid statuesque in his position of guardian to the Mouthpiece of Chane. Koketsu sighed as Nindo became even more rigidly aware of her ivory presence in the building. She fanned her wings and laid a clawed wing-thumb upon the great wingless warrior, lightly touching his arm. She looked as a child against his mass, her seven-foot height barely reaching his chest. He bowed his long muscular neck to acknowledge his charge, the glow of her white form reflected in his ruby eyes.

Her lilting voice left ghost echoes in the empty room. ``I will be in meditation, let no one disturb me." Somehow her commands never carried the imperious tone she suspected she should have. Nindo did not appear to notice, and it was only the bare movements of his eyes and the rippling of muscles under the yellow runes on his bronze hide that would tell the experienced eye that he heard and obeyed. The hulking Dz'Isu lifted his horse-like snout back to watch the room with a grunt and gave Koketsu the tacit impression that the way was clear and safe.

Koketsu glided to her customary place of meditation, a gilded pillow before a small altar of Chane, god and creator of the Dz'Isu. The statue was made of gleaming onyx, the winged serpent coiled in a heraldic stance as if about to strike at the candles that framed it. She lit the three candles and then turned to remove her robes, ritually folding the garment and setting it on a shelf. The candles lit up the statue, making the translucent onyx shimmer like flowing water, and the diamond embedded in the statue's eye sparkled. Koketsu's finely scaled hide was now completely exposed to the feeble light, reflecting the flames across the many curves and valleys of her body. The flame light licked capriciously along the green runes that adorned the white hide from the curve of her neck and along the swelling hills of her breast, to the flared hips and great serpent tail. A few tattoos decorated her talons and her arms, painted patterns rippled mysteriously in the flickering light along her slim snout. She slide sily onto the pillow, arching her wings out as her long tail coiled up behind her. Koketsu lifted her eyes to the statue, the black pupils of her clear emerald orbs mirroring the onyx aflame in candlelight. The white Dz'Isu strove to clear her mind, to quiet all the nagging doubts and questions that welled up inside her.

 As she meditated upon the glittering eye of Chane, she pondered once again at her title. Why did the Father of All Dz'Isu want a mouthpiece? What is the true meaning of being the only white Dz'Isu of her generation? Dz'Isu gladly changed their naturally bronze or green hides into a rainbow spectrum of colors, yet she had never seen anyone who was born white. The only other exotic color she had witnessed was a few black draconids among the warrior-acolytes she watched surreptitiously during their exercises. Remembering one particular male with crimson bellyscales, one slim hand slide down to cup her loins, feeling the heat radiating there. The diamond eye of the statue appeared to wink encouragement and she caught her breath, letting her slim white hands continue their pleasant fantasies.

Her green eyes shifted, focusing past candles and onyx to the wispy smoke of her desires. Her left hand hefted the weight of one breast as she moved the fingers of her right hand along the crevase of her sex, feeling the petaled lips of her treasure grow soft and warm with her passion. A long white finger skimmed her clitoris with a feather touch, ringing it a few times until the white dragon could feel the hooded button throb. Koketsu dipped her fingers down into the valley of her need, feeling the nectar flowing freely and coating the inner lips of her sex. She arched her long neck down easily to run her tongue over a pink nipple, imagining another's tongue savoring her white hide and her swelling mounds. She could almost hear the milk churning in the heavy orbs as she licked the darkening areole, dreaming of someone taking their pleasure with her. The white draconid pressed her finger deep into her treasure, feeling the heat batter at her slim hand. She stroked along the inner petals of her sex, her whi hide causing dancing images in the room as the sweat of her need added to the reflections of candlelight along her glistening scales.

Whimpering in her hunger, Koketsu fell back against the mound of pillows, her wings splayed out as she slid her tail around. The thick arrow of her tailspade replaced her fingers in her boiling sex as she captured her right breast in her snout, running her sticky hand over the left breast. Wet squelching sounds ran counterpoint to the white dragonid's panting, adding her hot breath to stimulate her hard nipple. Koketsu curled her tailspade and pressed it against her swollen nether lips, thrusting the surrogate shaft into her trembling sex. A moan erupted from the Dz'Isu's throat and she pulled her tail back only to probe deeper into her hungry depths, arching her back as she sought release. The white dragonid's bat wings quivered as her passion built, the sounds of ragged breathing and flowing juices echoing off the walls. The wavering candle flame cast liquid pearls across scales gleaming in sweat, wings beating against the softly padded floor. Koketsu writhed on the pillows until she could no longer hd back and roared in orgasm, covering her tailspade in waves of frothy nectar as her entire body convulsed in passion. The chamber bounced the roar several times, each time growing quieter and lower in timbre until only a rumble could be heard, an almost subsonic purr that caressed the earth under the white draconid.

 The sudden silence in the room was broken briefly at the slick sound of a tail thoroughly doused in nectar retreating from its shuddering sheath. Koketsu sprawled on the pillows, her ever-present need satiated for the moment. Her eyes closed to emerald slivers, her mind uncluttered and quiet, Koketsu drifted on a cloud of consciousness to feel every texture across her body. The light of the candles flickered, casting a great shadow of the statue on the far wall, the smoke trailing across the room in aromatic wisps. The white draconid lay spread across her pillow like a gleaming white offering.

The wisps of smoke did not appear to dissipate as they neared the far wall. Rather, the moving shadow on the wall seemed to collect the smoke, gather it into itself until the flickering image took on a more dimensional appearance. Koketsu watched as her mind drifted, imagining the illusion to be an appararation. A star glinted; a light that should not have been was sudden glowing in the foggy shape. Koketsu watched with ever widening emerald eyes as the one star became two, the misty profile shifted and turned towards her. Lifting her horned head, the white draconid brushed aside her platinum mane to look clearer at the spectre. She started to move to a sitting position, but found that her body was unresponsive; a heavy weight like a great hand held her down.

The room trembled silently at a voice that came from all places, and no place at all.

**Do not move, my white vision.**

Every nerve vibrated at that command. Koketsu trembled, her long ears searching for the direction of the voice to no avail. The twin stars brightened and grew closer, the wind of their passage blowing the aromatic smoke away, revealing the familiar face of her statue, only more so in its breathtaking beauty. Chane floated before her, sending a thrill of passion over her body. The translucent ebon snout flared at the scent of her arousal and the god smiled upon the little draconid.

**You are exquisite, my little one. I have chosen well.**

The great head of the winged serpent dipped down and ran his tongue along Koketsu's length, from her talons to her chin, leaving a tail of fire along her nerves. She arched towards the incredible sensation, finding that the weight no longer held her. Giving a small gasp, the white Dz'Isu shuddered, sending a wave of musky nectar down her legs. The serpent god coiled his great tail down to dip into Koketsu's fiery depths, filling her sex with the thick length and sending her shivering again as another waves of passion struck her. The mighty serpent wormed his tail deeper into the white draconid, his column-thick body impossibly fitting into her snug depths, each pulse sending another wave through Koketsu, bringing her higher and higher. Koketsu raised her head in amazement to watch Chane take her, and found that she had indeed gotten the god's attention as his mammoth cock appeared before her, as rigid and as wide as a tree. Diamond eyes glittered with unconfined lust as the winged serpent impaled the littlDz'Isu with his tail, the heavy ballsac resting on the white draconid's soft belly. Instinctively, Koketsu wrapped her arms around the great throbbing pillar, feeling it buck and surge against her. The serpent god rumbled in passion, coiling around himself to lift the little Dz'Isu's face with his snout then plunging his tongue into her mouth.

 Koketsu could hear the world trembling around her and she felt her body would be torn asunder, every pleasure point being assaulted in the awesome power of her lover. His kiss sent a shock through her and her mind exploded into a nova of passion. The little draconid climaxed as she had never done before, her rumble drowned out by Chane's earth-shattering roar. The world went white…


…then returned as Koketsu felt herself fall back upon the pillows. Shaking, she looked around and found the room as it had always been. The shadow was gone, the candles flickered on the altar and the little onyx statue stood in its frozen pose. Koketsu blinked in disbelief and looked at the altar.

``Was that real?"

Diamond eyes glittered as the onyx statue turned to face her. The not-voice whispered off the ceiling and walls.

**As real as your lust.**

The white draconid bowed to the statue, then looked sharply at it with piercing emerald eyes. ``Why am I called your mouthpiece?"

An eerie laughter settled through the room, not unpleasant but not entirely comforting.

**You will learn, my white vision. In time, you will learn.**

Koketsu called out a last question as she felt his presence withdraw.. ``Why am I white?"

The not-voice chuckled more gently, caressing her with its power.

**Is it not obvious?**

The room filled with light, and Koketsu could see. Everywhere Chane's lust had touched was white the floor, the pillows, the walls. Even the base of the onyx statue was now a milky white color.

Koketsu laughed, kissed the statue in a more than rituatlistic way, and glided out of her meditation room, energy bouncing her quiet step. Afterimages of her three-toed print glittered as if wet before vanishing.

----------- end.

No, it's not Gay Pride. It's Khromat Pride!

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